Bawli Chowk (Ward No.-3) Padrauna, Kushinagar – 274403

Pankaj Pandey

Today, in this scientific era, the country needs such schools where children learn the new style of education with knowledge of numbers and alphabets. Career Point Educational Academy was established on July 1, 2007 to create patriotism, character building and cultured young generation with the main goal of knowledge.

Along with good education among the students, exclusive devotion towards great men, self-respect for the glorious life of the motherland and to dedicate one’s statue at the feet of the mother of the world is to be cultivated.

Good wishes and guidance of parents, journalist brothers and think brief is very important for the success of this school, with whose help the school can fulfill the vision of the family and students on the strength of our hard work.

There may be some origins in this attempt at education. It is our request that the vigilance guards of the society cooperate in improving those roots.

“विद्या धनम् सर्व धनम् प्रधानम्”